Fuel for the soul

Each bag of coffee sold raises money for our foundation’s initiatives.

Yoga Strong Foundation, Good Sense Coffee and Hartland High School pooled talents to bring you “Fuel for your Soul” a unique blend of locally roasted coffee.  Not only does this coffee have a higher purpose, it also tastes amazing!

Good Sense Coffee roasted this 100% Organic, fair trade blend. Students from Hartland High School created the logo & brand. Yoga Strong Foundation offers studend Scholarships and gives Livingston County kids the opportunity to connect with low income students to make a difference in their lives through the Christmas Wishes project, as well as other programs that empower youth in Southeast Michigan. 

Together, we are making a difference. 

Product Description

Fuel For The Soul is a blend of South American, Mexican and African coffees blended and roasted in Brighton, Michigan. This is a “Medium” roast blend and was designed to have a wide flavor profile. This coffee shows nutty and earthy tones from the Mexican Coffee, wine and citrus tones from the South American coffee and a bright berry and floral note from the African coffee. It is 100% Organic, is fair trade and our Mexican coffee comes from our Woman coffee producers program which was designed to support and empower woman to pursue their passion for coffee and allow them to provide for their families through coffee farming.

Good Sense Coffee, Fuel for the Soul label offers 100% of proceeds donated to Yoga Strong Foundation

Tasting Notes: Raw Cocoa, almond, winey, citric, blueberry. 

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