We came up with a delicious blend of coffee and all proceeds go to the Knuth Family Foundation, what could go wrong?

Well, it turns out that sometimes I have great ideas and then there are times where I have shit ideas. 
I thought this was a GREAT idea. Let’s get a local company to create a special blend, local high school kids to do the marketing and help sell the coffee! Fast forward to the short version. The HHS kids and I set a goal to sell 1000 bags of coffee and the Tuesday night yoga crew stayed one night to pre-label all the bags! We were ready to rally!

*Spoiler alert: This is where the idea goes off the rails.*

I thought that with Hartland High School’s support behind this project, selling 1000 bags of coffee should be NO PROBLEM! After all, we’ve done crazier things like raise over $10k in two weeks to provide Christmas for 350 kids! 

So, here we are, and we’ve sold about 200 bags of coffee. Only 800 to go! 
Here’s our options:

1) Have a bonfire and burn all the labeled bags,  eat the cost and chalk it up to a shit idea.
2) We RALLY and figure out how to go viral and sell 800 bags of coffee.
3) We scrap the coffee and come up with something to fill the bags and sell that product. Side note: The only other idea we’ve come up with is  coffee flavored shortbread cookies. 

It’s really not in my DNA to throw in the towel and I like a challenge. My Tuesday night yoga crew re-inflated my sails and said I should give it another go. So, here we are!

Delicious, fresh and locally roasted coffee.
100% of proceeds benefit Knuth Family Foundation

Buy a bag or 5 so I don’t have to resort to a bonfire. 

With Love and Gratitude,
Ashley Knuth